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Sniff-0 is an olfactometer with a brand-new innovative design, feature rich, multi-channel, high-speed, accurate and easily transportable in the form of a normal suitcase. The number of channels can be customized according to your needs up to a maximum of 13 + 1 channels, while “tailor made” versions can also be created according to your needs.

Thanks to a standard controller combined with highly optimized proprietary electronics, Sniff-0 can provide complete control of your experiments, ensuring speed, accuracy, and reliability. Some additional features such as automated proportional valves, the measurement of propagation delays and channel-by-channel auto-calibration of the system drastically reduce configuration times and ensure maximum repeatability of experimental protocols. Compatibility with the most common programming platforms (e.g. MatLab®, Octave, EPrime®, LabView®, PsychoPy) and the integrated digital input / output trigger channels allow you to design experiments in complete freedom.

Sniff-0 can be used independently and requires only a standard PC with USB interface (it supports all operating systems), a standard power plug and a source of clean oil-free compressed air (at approx. 3 bar). Alternatively, it can be coupled to Spir-0 in order to monitor and record the respiratory activity of the subject and synchronize the activation of odour channels to these, or to Sniff-Air thus offering the possibility of guaranteeing a more comfortable temperature and humidity of the constant flow air during long-lasting experiments.

Sniff-0 is a great piece of equipment and was additionally customised to meet our specific needs. The Customer Support is always quick to respond to any queries and goes the extra mile to help us achieve our goals.

Florian Mormann, MD, PhD, Lichtenberg Professor of Cognitive and Clinical Neurophysiology, University of Bonn

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