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Thanks to the experience consolidated by the CyNexo team building and maintaining SISSA’s experimental setups, we are today able to conceive, design and build custom setups covering the full range of mechanical, electronic and software aspects. We have experience building setups controlled via “desktop PC” software as well as in real-time systems with precisions below the millisecond. We are able to create embedded systems based on a range of platforms, such as microcontrollers, FPGAs or National Instruments hardware, selecting that most appropriate for the challenge at hand. The CyNexo team has gained more than ten years of experience in supporting PIs and researchers alike in designing, building, upgrading and maintaining various types of experimental setups, including:

  • Full setup structure
  • Optical, acoustic, and electromagnetic shielding   
  • 3D printing and laser cutting of metallic and plastic parts    
  • Sensors and custom electronics
  • Micro Arrays and micro Drives integrating standalone electrodes or tetrodes
  • Neural recording system based on the Open Ephys
  • Custom lighting and optogenetics    
  • Tactile, audible, visual or olfactic stimulation devices
  • Integration and synchronization of different data sources    
  • Hardware and software design of embedded systems
  • Experiment Control software and data acquisition via LabVIEW® (we have our own certified LabVIEW® Developer)


Share your experimental design or research needs with us, and we will turn them into reality!

In production
Tactile Perception and Learning Lab
Mathew Diamond

We have been looking for a new in vivo setup in our lab that covers electrophysiology, optogenetics and behavioral research. CyNexo has optimally implemented our requests and wishes and integrated further helpful aspects. Thanks to Open Ephys, the software is very easy to understand and can be easily modulated according to our own wishes and questions. The support is just great. If you have questions or help, the team comes up quickly with ideas and suggestions. We will definitely continue working with CyNexo in the future and wish the company all the best.

Julia Mohrhardt, PhD Student Institute for Biology II (Zoology), Department of Chemosensation, RWTH Aachen University

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