Opportunity for Students

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Opportunity for Students

As an official start-up of SISSA – International School of Advanced Studies of Trieste we can also offer opportunities to get to know and collaborate within their academic and scientific research environment.


Test of a neural signal sampling system on FPGA and translation from Verilog / VHDL
Benchmarking of neural signal classification algorithms (Quiroga, KiloSort …)
Design of a system for interfacing neural signals for the National Instruments PXI platform with LabVIEW®


Use of GPU for spike sorting on Cuda embedded systems (Jetson TX2)


We are available for various types of training internships

If you are interested in any of our proposals, or feel you have an innovative and interesting topic to propose to us, do not hesitate to contact us. One of our team will contact you shortly, and will do their best to give you all the information you need for our potential future collaboration.
Write to us now – don’t wait. We are looking for people just like you!!!