About us

Innovative start-up company

Our company

CyNexo is an innovative start-up company whose team has years of an extensive experience in mechatronic engineering, quality, project and process management for academic and private institutions. The team, born within SISSA (Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati of Trieste), has spent the last few years working on hardware for scientific laboratories, integration of sensors and software.

Our experience covers the entire product lifecycle from initial idea development, generation of a proof of concept, prototyping of working solutions, to single or small quantity production of final products.

Additionally, CyNexo is working on Industry 4.0 platforms to support small and medium-sized enterprises in adopting the right technology for closed-loop quality and process evaluation and optimization.

Our mission

Provide innovative and highly technological products and services that allow us to respond to the needs of our customers covering the entire life cycle of the product, from the development of the initial idea, to the generation of a proof of concept, to the prototyping of working solutions up to production.

Our vision

Provide highly innovative products and services to improve the quality of scientific research and support small and medium-sized enterprises in adopting the right technology for closed-loop quality and process evaluation and optimization.


Project Analisys

Every project starts from an in-depth analysis of your needs: our team works with you to discuss the raw idea, identify your key needs and define specific targets to be achieved. The needs and you our customers ultimate goal are the driving force behind every stage of product development.


Solution Proposal and Specifications

Starting from a deep knowledge of technology and product design, and with a pinch of Italian creativeness, we will define your project in the form of a structured specification document and provide one or more clear solution proposals.


Prototyping & POC

Our cross-functional team of electronic, mechanical and software designers will convert your ideas into a hands-on Proofs Of Concept, functioning prototypes or finished systems as per your needs.



Within our own lab or in collaboration with our partners we are able to manufacture quantities ranging from single one-off pieces to medium sized production runs.

Our Value Proposition

Our competitive advantage concerns not only high quality, but above all:


Team Skills

- high level of technical and scientific skills within our team whit more 20 years of experience
- on-going customer support from the initial idea to the installation and use
- partnerships and contacts with important research institutes


Products Customization

- high degree of customization possible for our products and services
- ease of use and flexibility of our products
- extremely competitive price of our products


Technology Innovation

- use of latest and breaking technologies during product and service development
- in-house development of electronics optimized for the specific function intended
- ability to create precision crafted products, but with a high technological content

We have been extremely satisfied with CyNexo. Although they were a young company we decided to take a chance with them, and have never regretted it.
We will gladly do business with Cynexo again any time.

Florian Mormann, MD, PhD, Lichtenberg Professor of Cognitive and Clinical Neurophysiology, University of Bonn