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aoLED integrates into a single device a linear and stable LED driver and fiber-coupled LED for use in optogenetics. The device is a compact and powerful all-in-one optogenetic stimulus tool able to generate a high bandwidth (up to 1MHz) and high intensity light signal through a high NA 200um core fibre. The custom designed electronics allow high precision analog signal modulation, opening the possibility to experimenting with new light shaping such as ramps, sinusoids or modulated signals, as well as fast digital modulations to generate sharp and stable stimuli.

aoLED is equipped with two parallel feedback systems which monitor the current absorbed by the LED and the light actually emitted by the LED. In doing so aoLED is able to detect and compensate for thermal and age induced variations in output in order to ensure a highly stable performance across individual stimuli, between subsequent stimuli and across experiments. Both measurements are available as analogue signal outputs from aoLED and allow full monitoring of the experimental conditions.

aoLED can be combined with our commutator to obtain maximum comfort and flexibility during the experiments without any loss of power to the light emitted. This is made possible thanks to the particular mechanical characteristics designed specifically so as to avoid any joints in the optical path.

The unit can also be combined with our mDrive microdrives for perfect positioning and control.

CyNexo can supply an Arduino-based controller with its independent software or as an Open Ephys plug-in. Alternatively aoLED can also be controlled via a normal analog signal (0-5V) giving you all the flexibility you might need to adapt it to your specific experimental environment.

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