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This compact and modular trigger box solution allows for the precise synchronization in real-time, i.e. down to a few microseconds, of different inputs in order to accurately measure reaction times and thus collect precise experimental data. The basic unit links a video trigger detector for on-screen visual stimulus presentation to a push button keypad to acquiring your subject’s physical feedback. Through the built-in I/O channels, the unit can however be linked to additional external trigger sources including our Sniff-0 olfactometer and Spir-0 breathing cycle monitor, as well as feed into or from any TTL compatible device (e.g. EEG or TMS).

The trigger system can handle different types of pads:

– one, two or four on/off buttons (digital)
– one or two force pad buttons (analog measurement of pressing force)
– MRI compatible

System programming and management for the Response Box is extremely simple as it is based on an Arduino processor. The decision to combine our customized and high-level electronics for the management of triggers and signals with an Arduino processor means this device offers the ideal combination of high performance with ease of programming. The Response Box can be perfectly integrated with Sniff-0, Spir-0, Audio Box and ViStiSync to synchronize visual, olfactory, tactile, and audible stimuli, with respiratory activity and the subject’s mechanical responses, giving you access to the full breadth of sensory stimuli and responses for your experiments.

In production
Language, Learning and Reading Lab
Davide Crepaldi
Co-occurrence statistics affect letter processing


It allows a very high level of temporal precision and temporal resolution, both for stimulus delivery control and behavioral response collection. It also has a good versatility, meaning that the software can be customized to different experimental paradigms and protocols.

DUNIA GIOMO PhD student, Domenica Bueti's Time Perception Lab Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati (SISSA) - Trieste

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