Spir-0 | Breathing Cycle Monitor

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Spir-0 is an innovative subject breathing activity monitoring tool, extremely compact and simple to use.
Its operating principle is based on a fiber optic sensor which makes it compatible with use in MRI, fMRI and EEG environments and applications.

Spir-0 is able to accurately measure the respiratory behavior of a subject by detecting small variations in the air flow during the inhalation and exhalation phases of a subject breathing and thus provide an accurate representation of the entire respiratory cycle.

A further advantage is the very low invasiveness of the sensor: all that is needed is to position the terminal part of the optical fiber (a tube with a diameter of less than a millimeter) in the entrance to one nostril from which system will be able to perform an automatic calibration step followed by monitoring and recording for the subjects breathing.
Spir-0 is supplied with comfortable nose adapters compatible with Sniff-0 and hence able to house the optical fiber while carefully guiding odours to the subjects nostrils without inhibiting normal breathing.
The software supplied with Spir-0, in addition to the normal visualization and recording functions, is able to identify the precise moment when the subject begins to inhale or exhale; this feature is extremely useful when attempting to synchronize the presentation of odours with a specific point in the subject’s breathing cycle such as upon start of inhalation.
Spir-0 can be used independently or in conjunction with Sniff-0 for perfectly synchronized trigger events.

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