Sniff-Exp | Olfactometer expansion

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Sniff-Exp is a powerful two-channel input expansion for the Sniff-0 olfactometer, designed to enhance your experiments by using alternative gases like O2, air, N2O, and CO2.

Easily connect Sniff-Exp via daisy-chain to other Sniff-0 devices, increasing the number of available channels for precise control and accurate results. Ideal for large odour vessels, Sniff-Exp can present “real” fresh odorants, even generated by small live animals that can safely stay in close controlled spaces.

Featuring a standard controller and advanced proprietary electronics, Sniff-Exp ensures reliability and speed in your experimental setup. Its automated proportional valves, propagation delay measurement, and channel-by-channel auto-calibration minimize configuration time and maximize repeatability. With integrated digital input/output trigger channels, you have the freedom to design complex experiments.

Built into a durable carrying case, Sniff-Exp supports two independent sources of clean oil-free gas mixtures, making it the ultimate tool for cutting-edge olfactometry research.

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