Sniff-Air | Air Comfort Unit

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Sniff-Air is an innovative instrument capable of controlling the temperature and humidity of the constant flow air to Sniff-0 to ensure maximum comfort during long-lasting experiments.
It is able to heat the air temperature of the constant flow channel to a maximum of 37 °C and keep the humidity within a controlled comfort range of 40-60 %RH.
Sniff-Air’s simple HMI interface, via an LCD display, allows you to quickly and intuitively set the desired temperature and, without further operator intervention, an automatic calibration process will heat up and maintain the tube bundle at the desired temperature. From this interface the user will also be able to activate the humidification function, again leading to a completely automatic stabilization and maintenance of the constant air flow within the prescribed range.
It is also possible to record all the sensor data and control the unit using a standard PC, connected via USB cable, and governed through one of many common control software (e.g. MATLAB, Python, E-Prime or your own customized solution able to manage serial communication).
The equipment is extremely simple to use, easy to handle and very transportable as it too is contained in a small ruggedized case.
Sniff-Air has been designed to be used in conjunction with Sniff-0 and must therefore be connected to it as well as to a PC for data recording or for remote control.

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