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Our team recognizes that our own growth is closely linked to your success. The result is that we will follow you from the initial contact, through specification, design, prototyping, building, installation, training, support, and onwards through your future growth, fulfilling your every need along the way.

Through a broad range of in-house and third-party facilities we are able to offer a complete range mechanical, electrical, hardware and software development as well as final product assembly and testing services. Within our own lab or in collaboration with our partners we are able to manufacture quantities ranging from single one-off pieces to medium sized production runs.

3D CAD design, Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software projects, Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing, and custom LabVIEW software development are only some of the tools we use to achieve exceptional results starting from the ground up.

We have no intention of abandoning you following your purchase and will always be by your side to optimize and upgrade our products as you might need based on developments and growth within your area of research.

We generally carry out the installation personally through our highly specialized technical staff who configure the new instruments or software to your existing equipment, and who will take the time to explain the use and operation of all the purchased devices. If necessary, you can also contact us in the future to answer any doubts you might have. Should it be of assistance or for more complex tasks, we also able to provide remote support by connecting directly to your system via AnyDesk or a similar service.

As our customer, your needs and your ultimate goal are the driving force behind every stage of product development. Contact us now to find out how we can help you take your research to a new level!

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